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About Us

Founded in 2013 in Paris, France by the initiative of Xavier Niel, a successful serial entrepreneur, School 42 aims to be the answer to talent recruitment difficulties, especially in information technology and computer programming. In this era of digital economy, the needs of professional and skilled developers are increasing day by day however there is no sufficient digital talent to support the demand. School 42 creates the most up-to-date and international-standard curriculum of coding school. The goal is to remove any barrier and accessible to everyone by making it completely free of charge.

Born to

School 42 has been recognized as the world’s best programming school and has trained thousand of professionals. As it continues to grow its network around the world, School 42 will launch its newest network in Jakarta, Indonesia as the first in Southeast Asia.

As part of the international network, School 42 Jakarta ensures the same quality of training throughout the program. School 42 shares the same practices and values with all partner campuses through same selection process (commonly known as pool) as well as a common core or basic skills and fundamentals. It is set to standardize the key skills of all students to guarantee, regardless of the campus, the level and quality of their knowledge. School 42 encourages students to experience cultural and international openness and mobility by the establishment of inter-campus projects (involving three campuses from several countries).

School 42 Jakarta will be fully operational at the end of 2021 with a total number of 150 students as its first batch.

Our Philosophy

In School 42 Jakarta, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue their passion and should not be restricted to any limitations. We are commited to creating an environment where financial situation is no longer a barrier to education. That is why we make use of digital infrastructure to build the school of the future, where anyone from anywhere, can get training courses of excellence in computer programming – for free.

Value Chain Creation



Our school is open for all, no pre-academic requirements and free of tuition fee.


Every student has the freedom to choose their own course path and complete it in their own pace. They also have the opportunity to take part in internship or work at leading tech companies and startups.



Our partners have the privilege of direct access to the talent pool of skilled developers, programmers and computer scientists.


With a competitive selection process and international curriculum, all of our students are guaranteed to have fundamental skills and knowledge that is adaptable to the fast-changing technology and computer programming development.



We aim to support Indonesian startup ecosystem by designing innovative and collaborative education method that shapes the quality of our graduates.


Students graduating from School 42 Jakarta are prepared to be professionals to serve the much needed innovation and digital transformation to survive in digital economy era.

Our Innovative Learning Process

At School 42 Jakarta, we bring new ways of learning for students.
Unlike any other conventional schools, students will be involved
in exciting collaborative projects by implementing the best strategies
from 25 years of pedagogy experience:

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